Garage Door Servicing & Maintenance in St Albans

Garage door servicing/maintenance addtown

Your garage door is much like any other mechanical unit, regular servicing helps increase its life and improve the performance of your garage door.

If, however, your door stops working as it should or is damaged in some way, our addtown engineers can provide a free quote to replace parts, a section or the whole of your door or repair faulty elements if required.


We know that your garage door is important

Because you use your garage doors every time you arrive or leave in your car, they can often be the most frequently used access to your property. When they’re maintained and protected, your garage door should work without any problems for years. Unfortunately, other things can happen causing them to break down and stop functioning correctly. 

If your garage door isn’t operating, get in touch today. We know it’s important to fix your door as soon as possible and get your door and security back into working order. 

Replacements for your garage door addtown

With so many garage door brands available on the market, it’s difficult to know which parts are best for your installation; that’s why we carry a full range of compatible components and can replace:


Crocodile Doors



… and many more. Get in touch below to arrange a free quote.

Talk to the garage door experts addtown

We have over 30 years’ experience in the installation, repair, maintenance of garage doors addtown and beyond. We like to think there isn’t a lot we don’t know about garage doors. We pride ourselves on offering a very reliable and honest service and like to go that ‘extra mile’ to make sure that customers are always pleased.

Garage door installation and DIY garage door supply addtown

Looking for something else? We don’t just repair garage doors, we also supply them (for those with more DIY experience) and offer complete installations as well. 


Find out more about the highest manufacturing quality in garage doors and leading design here in the UK.


We recommend regularly changing or servicing:

Batteries in remotes
Batteries in bottom edge receivers

Cleaning any sensors

Checking all straps and springs

Cleaning of guides

Resetting motor limits

Oiling all necessary parts

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